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About OPC
"uForte OPC Server Development Kit" is a fine product, it has been extremely successful in the implementations we have used it in Coating Control and Mill Control."
Ned Scopulovic, Senior Systems Engineer at Hatch IAS

News & Events

July 6, 2024. Version 8.7:
Upgrade to .Net 4.8.

July 14, 2021. Version 8.6:
The OPC UA server deadlock issue fixed. Existing customers using OPC UA are recommended to update.

September 17, 2018. Version 8.5 (build 972):
OPC items can now be created with special symbol '.' in their names, see examples.

July 22, 2018. Version 8.5:
New functions to add custom OPC DA item properties and OPC HDA item attributes.

September 27, 2017. Version 8.4:
The toolkit has been added with new capability to detect OPC clients connect/disconnect.
UA server bugfixes.

April 23, 2017. Version 8.2:
OPC UA server improvements (certificate issues fixed).
Upgraded to .Net 4.5.1.
CCM and other examples have been upgraded to Microsoft Visual Studio 2013 Express/Full.
Some bugfixes in the area of CCM.

February 9, 2017. Version 8.1 released.
OPC AE attributes customization has been added.

December 7, 2015. Version 8.0:
OPC AE conditions have been added.

September 26, 2014. Version 7.1:
"Case sensitivity" option has been added.

June 1, 2014. Version 7.0:
OPC item values management improvements. Independent custom OPC server has been added.

March 27, 2014. Version 6.0:
OPC UA DA, AE and HDA have been implemented. Backward compatibility has been maintained.

February 11, 2014. Version 5.5:
The new version allows to install different configurations of the OPC SDK on the same computer. Client Control Module CLSID can now be changed as well what allows multiple instances of the core to be installed at the same time.

February 6, 2014. Version 5.4:
OPC item value conversion problem fixed. CLSID changes on the options dialog problem fixed.

August 6, 2013. Version 5.3:
IOPCBrowse::Browse and IOPCItemDeadbandMgt::GetItemDeadband problems fixed. Performance improvements.

February 9, 2013. Version 5.2:
The UForte OPC XML DA Server can be hosted in the process of the UForte OPC Server engine what simplifies the installation.

December 24, 2012. Version 5.1:
OPC items to file mapping feature was added in this version. Plain ASCII files can be used to read and write values from/to OPC items.
Incompatibility with some localized windows was fixed.

May 11, 2012. Version 5.0:
More customisation options are available now, e.g. ProgIds and CLSIDs for all the OPC COM objects can be changed now. This allows to change what can be seen in OPC clients about you OPC server.

DeploymentWizard was added an option of adding as many arbitrary files into the installation package as required.

Compatibility with Windows Vista and Server 2008 was imporoved significantly.

March 14, 2012. Version 4.0:
OPC XML DA Server was implemented.
Fixed IConnectionPoint issues in the server.
CCM examples have been upgraded to Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 Express.

August 3, 2011. Version 3.10:
Windows Server 2003 compatibility issues fixed.

March 4, 2011. Version 3.9:
Improved OPC DA 3.0 support and Windows 7 compatibility issues fixed.

February 24, 2009. Version 3.8:
Windows Vista compatibility issues fixed. Fixed reliability and performance issues.

October 9, 2007. Version 3.7:
The functionality concerning interactions with OPC A&E servers was extended with new capabilities.

April 25, 2007. Version 3.6:
Interface between CCM and uForte OPC server was added with functions for modifying address space structure.

April 5, 2007. Version 3.5:
New: "Configuration Wizard" and "Deployment Wizard".

February 7, 2007. Version 3.4:
Historian database explorer was added.

January 29, 2007. Version 3.3:
In this version external databases can be used for historical data (see "Options" command in the menu). Also, some functions concerning licensing were added.

June 16, 2006. Version 3.1:
Now it complies with the OPC DA 3.0 specifiction and supports arrays as an item data type.

October 19, 2005. Version
Now it allows to send AE events and archives data. Archive data are available to OPC HDA clients.

November 24, 2004. Version
Several bugs were found by "OPC DA 2.05a Compliance Test Tool" and were fixed in this version. This version has passed that test.

October 11, 2004. New version:
This version has obtained user interface that allows to configure the OPC server, e.g. you can specify address space structure using visual editor.

October 28, 2003. Version
In this version was added capability to process write requests from OPC clients. Details are in the manual to this product.

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