uForte OPC Server Development Kit

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About OPC
"uForte OPC Server Development Kit" is a fine product, it has been extremely successful in the implementations we have used it in Coating Control and Mill Control."
Ned Scopulovic, Senior Systems Engineer at Hatch IAS


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CCM Demo

This is a sample GUI application that demonstrates all the capabilities of interaction with the uForte OPC Server Engine. It comes with the C# source code which can be modified if required. All these capabilities are also available from a CCM that can be generated by the CCM Generator.

  • Set Item Value - this section is for getting and changing OPC item values in the uForte OPC Server Engine.
    • OPC Item Id - select an OPC item from the list of the OPC items that are currently in the OPC server's address space.
    • Value - item value.
    • Value Quality - item value quality.
    • Value Time - item value time.
    • Get Item Value - get item value.
    • Set Item Value - set item value.
  • Process Write Requests From OPC Clients - this section is for processing write requests.
    • Accept All Silently - all write requests will be confirmed automatically.
    • Pop up message box - every write request will instigate a message box in the CCM Demo application which will be waiting for a user action.

Send AE Events - to generate OPC AE events in the uForte OPC Server Engine.

OPC AE Conditions - here OPC AE conditions can be created, updated or deleted. Once created they will stay in the OPC Server Engine over restart until deleted. They are persisted to the OPC Server Engine configuration file.

Condition Name - the supported condition names are fixed. All of them are listed here.

The rest are the condition details.

Active - when checked activates the condition, usually comes with Ack Required checked.

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