uForte OPC Server Development Kit

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About OPC
"uForte OPC Server Development Kit" is a fine product, it has been extremely successful in the implementations we have used it in Coating Control and Mill Control."
Ned Scopulovic, Senior Systems Engineer at Hatch IAS


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Download uForte OPC Server Development Kit to your local drive and start it. The installer requires administrator privileges, so click "Yes" on the dialog like the one below.

Going through the other installer dialogs select required options to install the product.

uForte OPC Server Development Kit program group after installation.

  • CCM Demo (Ms VS Express .sln) - C# source code of the 'CCM Demo'.
  • CCM Demo - A Client Control Module (CCM) application with a GUI to demonstrate the main features of the uForte OPC Server Engine.
  • CCM Generator - Generates VB, C# or C++ source code to change OPC item values, send AE events, add/remove OPC items etc. in the uForte OPC Server Engine.
  • Custom OPC Server (Ms VS Express .sln) - C# source code of a fully independent OPC server based on the uForte OPC Server Core. Allows to change OPC server ProgID, Description, Service Name etc.
  • Deployment Wizard - Packs all the required files for the current uForte OPC Server Engine configuration into an .exe file to install on other computers. The .exe includes the uForte OPC Server Engine itself which will have the current configuration including the address space.
  • Online Help - uForte OPC Server Development Kit online manual from http://uforte.com.
  • uForte OPC Server Control Panel - GUI application to configure and control uForte OPC Server Engine.
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